winwinoffice (Celia Cardona und Luigi Costamagna)

26.07.2021 – 29.07.2021   ⬤ Short-Resideny AHNUNG + PLANUNG
„47Nord15Ost“ Axonometrie © winwinoffice
winwinoffice: 47Nord15Ost

Have you ever wondered what are the real needs of the inhabitants of your neighborhood? What do they expect of the city? During our residency in Club Hybrid winwinoffice will try to unveil these aspects in Puchstrasse district.
Join us in this quest!

winwinoffice is a Spanish-Italian collective created by Celia Cardona Cava and Luigi Costamagna. They are winners of EUROPAN15 competition with the project 47Nord15Ost, a large-scale urban planning intervention for the Graz-based area around Puchstrasse and the former coca-cola factory. 
This short residency will be the occasion to discuss and work on the idea with relevant stakeholders, residents, and current users of the area.