Club Hybrid is an open demonstration building, that will be a plattform for experimentation, training, presentation and discourse in summer 2021.

Already open is the thinking space of the project – we have been meeting in real and virtual spaces as part of the club evenings since the beginning of 2020.

Club Hybrid creates “temporary” spaces for an urban practice of living and producing. The result is a reusable ROHBAU, built with a minimum of waste and a maximum of flexible urban spaces, and is to become a “permanent” part of the city after 2021.


Club Hybrid
Herrgottwiesgasse 161, 8055 Graz

Opening: 10. June 2021
Residencies and programme: 11. June – 15. August 2021


Public Inspection

Club Hybrid Trailer


Invitation Club Night #16

Tuesday, 23 March, 2021, 20:00
Club Night #16, online

Our guest: AKT, Markus Bogensberger and Folke Köbberling

A different take on building. As artistic intervention, as an experiment in terms of sustainability and a living building culture, as a joint act. Building beyond economic constraints and market logic. This is the topic of our upcoming Club Night #16.

With the artist Folke Köbberling and the collective AKT, we have invited two representatives of such an experimental approach. Both of them will also be working and building at Club Hybrid during their residency in summer.

Markus Bogensberger will also accompany us through the evening. As a curator and architect, he was himself active at the interface of art and architecture for a long time, he was director of HDA Graz until 2019 and is now the building culture coordinator of the province of Styria

We are looking forward to seeing you online!
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Three times development please – Club Night #15 review

Eyslergasse Puntigam © Club Hybrid
Eyslergasse © Club Hybrid

The guests of Club Night #15 come from very different backgrounds, what they have in common is an idealistic commitment to the appropriation and ongoing development of a venue. The location in the urban “foggy zone” in the south of Graz, where commerce, industry, housing and traffic sometimes collide, brings with it its own special conditions. However, the challenges are met with enthusiasm and ideas.

Investor Christian Kossegg, supported by his family, has been developing the approximately 3ha large Taggerwerk site, including a historic industrial building complex, for 10 years. By now he rents it out to around 60 tenants, from artists’ studios to start-ups to sports facilities. Fikret Fazlic runs the Islamic Cultural Centre Graz, a place of open religious and social interaction. With the construction of the mosque according to a design by Gerhard Springer, this area is also far from being fully developed. Further plans are due to being completed in near future. And finally, Helmuth Scheuch, who knows his district like the back of his hand. One of his major issues is traffic, he focuses on the extension of cycle and footpaths as well as public transport. Incidentally, the permeable calm of Herrgottwiesgasse is to be preserved according to his plans.


Tuesday, 9 March 2021, 20:00
Club Night #15, online

Our guests: Fikret Fazlic (Islamischen Kulturzentrum Graz), Christian Kossegg (Taggerwerk) and Helmuth Scheuch.

We take another look at the neighbourhood, this time in the immediate area: Fikret Fazlic, the imam of the mosque of the Islamic Cultural Centre Graz, is our guest at Club Evening #15. Also present is Christian Kossegg, who with the Taggerwerk has opened up a huge area of the district for various uses. And since Club Hybrid is located in the district of Gries, yet starts practically on Puntigam’s doorstep, we are also looking forward to Helmuth Scheuch, the head of the 17th district of Graz.

We are looking forward to seeing you online!
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