AKT. 4 Gast

14.06.2021 – 20.06.2021   ⬤ Residency WILDES KOMBINIEREN
AKT 4. Gast im Club Hybrid © Wolfgang Thaler
Installation AKT 4. Gast at Club Hybrid, © Wolfgang Thaler

“Combining wildly” is the topic under which Viennese collective AKT has been invited to Club Hybrid in Graz. AKT. 4 GAST (Guest) will be completely committed to the core idea of the Club Hybrid, to produce something resistant and permanent by combining building and living. AKT brings a courtyard from Vienna to Graz. An outhouse is to be built in the vicinity of the planned main building of the Club Hybrid and left as a gift for the club and the Gries neighbourhood.
AKT will combine a courtyard and a gate to a place that complements Club Hybrid. The courtyard is a place of rest. The gate is a passage along with the courtyard. The representation of the case study house Club Hybrid consumes soil, excavates soil. AKT uses this soil for the production of a hill in its courtyard. Whoever decides not to go straight to the club, turns off in the passage and enters the courtyard. The hill in the courtyard is trampled down by the people. The rain erodes it. At the beginning you can see the club from the hill. Later the first plants grow and the hill becomes flat. The hill creates encounters in the courtyard, unintentionally and unexpectedly.
While the case study house Club Hybrid is full of events and planned activities, AKT will offer space without a program. It provides the opportunity to stay. The visitors decide themselves. Thus AKT continues to search for the relationship between people and things that together create space and enable architecture.

AKT is
AKT Verein für Architektur, Kultur und Theorie (Association for Architecture, Culture and Theory) is an association of about twenty young architects and artists from Vienna with the aim of promoting the independent and utopian production of space. 
AKT are
Thomas Amann, Lukas Antoni, Fabian Antosch, Jerome Becker, Gerhard Flora, Alex Gahr, Max Hebel, Adrian Judt, Katharina Kircher, Julia Klaus, Lena Kohlmayer, Teresa Köhler, Philipp Krummel, Gudrun Landl, Lukas Lederer, Susanne Mariacher, Philipp Oberthaler, Charlie Rauchs, Helene Schauer, Kati Schelling, Philipp Stern, Harald Trapp.