Wolf in Sheepskin

Folke Köbberling

02.08.2021 – 08.08.2021   ⬤ Residency MIT DEN DINGEN SPIELEN

The artist Folke Köbberling develops intervention models for urban space. She uses existing structures and materials (resources) and thus questions the usual approach to urban architecture in a subtle, often humorous way. For Club Hybrid, she will use sheep’s wool as a building material and in this way intervene in the urban context.

Folke Köbberling, Billen Pavillon (2019) © Tim Dahlhof
Folke Köbberling, Billen Pavillon (2019) © Tim Dahlhof

Folke Köbberling, lives in Berlin and teaches as a professor for artistic design at the Institute for Architecture-Related Art (IAK) at the TU Braunschweig. She has participated in numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions, many of them in collaboration with the artist and architect Martin Kaltwasser. These include exhibitions at the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, ZKM Karlsruhe, Lentos Museum, Ruhrtriennale 2012, Kunstverein Kassel, Museo El Eco in Mexico City and many more. https://www.folkekoebberling.de