Wasted Space and Space for Waste – Club Night #18 review

„47Nord15Ost“ Axonometrie © winwinoffice
„47Nord15Ost“ axonometric © winwinoffice

A Club Night on the winning project of the EUROPAN15 competition lies behind us. In this Europe-wide competition, young architects and planners develop ideas for current urban challenges. The project “47Nord15Ost” by winwinoffice was convincing for the designated area in Graz between Puchstraße and Mur in the centre of which Schaumbad, Freies Atelierhaus Graz is located.

Celia Cardona Cava and Luigi Costamagna approach the “Wasted Space and Space for Waste” of this hybrid zone between industrial plants and waste recycling, creative hubs and residential areas with a methodological analysis. The parameters based on this – densification, space for people, cooperative services and synergies between the actors –  create a well thought-out whole that nevertheless leaves plenty of room for more ideas.

The collaborative further development of “47Nord15Ost” on site has been interrupted due to the corona crisis. Therefore, it is even more important to bring all stakeholders back to the table as soon as possible. Iris Kaltenegger from EUROPAN Austria also emphasises this. These are the residents and current users of the area as well as all other relevant stakeholders and the city of Graz itself.

Club Hybrid will provide a platform for this continuation. Celia and Luigi Ende will be our guests at the end of July to continue working on their idea and to discuss it further with hopefully numerous participants.