About hoverings states and straddles – Club Night #14 review

studio magic

When friendships develop into professional partnerships, it is usually more than an expedient alliance. The interpersonal dynamic can be enormously inspiring and leads to corresponding creative output. Both the Theater im Bahnhof and studio magic, the guests of Club Night #14, are familiar with these happy hovering states of shared exchange and take-off.

However, working in a collective also means permanent negotiation and straddling between changing careers, the interests of individuals and the group, between precarious situations and the common also as a social network.

There were exciting insights: into the Theater im Bahnhof on the one hand, with its 30-year history, which has created social security with a basic income for its members. And on the other hand, the comparatively young architecture collective, which, although in the midst of production, is still searching for the social superstructure that corresponds to its way of working.

As for Club Hybrid the starting point for the idea of collective action is the venue. For Malte Höfner, who researches the topic of sharing in relation to urban space, this is an exciting approach, especially in this special urban area of Graz. What we all have in common is not only consuming, but also wanting to act and create in urban space, especially off uniformed city centres.