Etudes for hybridization

“Hybrid” is a nice word: starts at the bottom, “hy” and quickly ascends: “id”. Delicate consonants. Symmetry hyb-rid. But one shouldn’t be seduced by letters, as the virus so impressively demonstrates.

Cow bells with saxophone, church bells with drum&bass, door bells with piano accompaniment. Polonaise. Steel helmets and pyjamas for the opera ball. Canceled.

Computer with petals. Printer with cheese cubes. Books with screwdrivers. Table with empty boxes. Staging and trying out hybrid situations.

We fill a washing machine with different coloured clothes, plastic toys, food, washing powder and start a gentle cycle.

Hybridization is an alternative to purity. Club Hybrid avoids dichotomies in a practice of mixtures. Unsystematic collages. Tinkering. Building models. Image Lab. Hip-hop from thing to picture and back.

There are doors, there is a window looking in. A window is also a room. There could be a roof over it. A roof as a membrane or a room. Roof to floor. Allocate time to talk. Discourse account. Interrupters and connectors.

Movements, mixtures: away from the separations of modernity.

We don’t know for sure – but we will try i.

Set a lot in motion with a few decisions. Not the question: What? But the question: How? The answer is how.

Club Hybrid: a place of coincidence, randomness as a method – and thus automatically surprise, but also the possibility of failure, boredom, incomprehensibility. Keeping a low profile.