Lotte Schreiber

19.07.2021 – 25.07.2021   ⬤ Residency MIT DEN DINGEN SPIELEN

Lotte Schreiber
with Vera Hagemann andKlaus Meßner (zweite liga für kunst und kultur)
Collaboration and music: Helmut Kaplan and Edda Strobl (TONTO)

BELL VIE – a performance, an episodic play, a short film – dives into the complex topic of “housing” and explores the question of how indispensable basic human needs have become the focus of international financial speculation.

The production of a commercial for the company of the internationally successful real estate speculator Claus Bell forms the central chapter of a film that looks at the mechanisms that systematically turn housing into a capital investment for the rich.

This key scene will be filmed at Club Hybrid, which will become a film set for a week. Everyone is invited to take part in the filming as a spectator or extra.

BellVie © Lotte Schreiber
Bell Vie © Lotte Schreiber (Im Bild: Vera Hagemann und Klaus Meßner)

Lotte Schreiber, born in Mürzzuschlag, lives as a filmmaker and artist in Vienna and works at the interface of cinema, visual arts, architecture and society in the fields of experimental and documentary film, video installation, collage and performance. In addition to participating in and winning awards at numerous international film festivals (including Award for Best Short Film at the Edinburgh Int. Film Festival, Best Experimental Film at the New York Underground Film Festival), her works have been exhibited in various museums and galleries. Several awards and scholarships, including the State Scholarship for Video and Media Art in 2017. Since 2009 she is programme curator at the Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz, teaching at the Linz University of Art and the Vienna University of Technology, and is active on various juries and advisory boards. Her films are represented and supervised by sixpackfilm.

Vera Hagemann studied drama at the HfMT Mendelssohn- Bartholdy in Berlin and worked at various German theatres before coming to Graz in 2006 to work as a freelance theatre maker/artist mainly at “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”. From 2012 to 2019 she was head of the theatre/dance/performance section in the programme forum of FORUM STADTPARK.

Klaus Meßner, born in Vienna, is a founding member of zweite liga für kunst und kultur, where he is active in various functions – performing arts, dramaturgy, text, production, stage design, Outside Eye …

Edda Strobl and Helmut Kaplan (TONTO)
Helmut Kaplan is a draughtsman and visual artist, makes music, develops objects, spaces and operational structures. He founded TONTO as a music label in the mid-90s. Edda Strobl produces comics, drawings, collages and panel paintings as a visual artist. In 2000 she founded TONTO-COMICS, which she has run together with Kaplan ever since.