Agency Apéro

09.08.2021 – 15.08.2021   ⬤ Residency AHNUNG + PLANUNG

Water is the basis of our life and accompanies us every day. Through hidden pipes, water tanks, canals and sewage treatment plants, it finds its way into our rivers, which in turn are thought of and used mainly as infrastructure. However, we only really become aware of the water when we bathe. While swimming in the Mur and in private pools remains off-limits to most, everyone is invited to explore the role and future of water in our society together over a portion of FREI[BAD]FRITTEN: What potential do our waters offer in terms of the climate crisis, biodiversity collapse and social inequalities? Do you prefer ketchup or mayo? 

Frei(Bad)Fritten © Agency Apéro
Frei(Bad)Fritten © Agency Apéro

Agency Apéro (Beatrice Bucher, Christine von Raven, Yannik Plachtzik)
As an interdisciplinary team at the Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Agency Apéro develops strategies for urban transformations in an investigative, critical and cooperative way with a variety of participating actors. Realistic scenarios of a positive future are designed on the basis of a broad foundation of facts while creating space for public discussion. In doing so, the Apéro’s characteristics of interdisciplinarity, fun and dynamics are essential fundamentals for the Agency’s work. Past projects include the Jour Fixe series “Beyond Boundaries” and “Entwerfen!” at the ABK Stuttgart, the exhibition design “Spacestation” and the design project “Mumbai Metabolism”.