Mobile Graz
Kai Vöckler / HfG Offenbach, Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten

21.06.2021 – 27.06.2021   ⬤ Residency AHNUNG + PLANUNG
Verkehr © MaxWegscheidler
Verkehr © Max Wegscheidler

The expansion of public mobility in the central region of Graz is one of the major issues of the future of Graz and the subject of a currently passionate debate. The development of public mobility is also expected to be an important campaign issue in the Graz city council elections in February 2022.

“Mobile Graz” aims to provide a substantial contribution to this debate. In cooperation with the Graz University of Technology and the University of Design in Offenbach am Main, a one-week workshop will visualise mobility contexts in the central region of Graz and related aspects of urban development in Graz, as well as develop alternative mobility scenarios for the central region of Graz. Finally, the workshop results will be made accessible to the public in the form of an exhibition at Club Hybrid. The exhibition will also provide a local setting for a discussion in which experts and decision-makers will debate about mobility strategies and scenarios for the central region of Graz.

The aim of “Mobile Graz” is to objectify the currently controversial and also politically charged debate on the expansion of public mobility in Graz, to promote the understanding of complex interrelationships and to create the basis for sustainable strategic planning of the expansion of public transport in the central region of Graz.

Kai Vöckler is an urbanist in Offenbach am Main. Founding member of Archis Interventions. Programme Director for South East Europe. Urban development projects in Southeast Europe. Urban research projects in Europe and Asia. Endowed professor for creativity in the urban context at the Offenbach University of Art and Design (HfG); co-founder of the Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics and spokesperson for the LOEWE research focus “Infrastructure – Design – Society”.

Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten were founded in 2016 and have offices in Graz, Vienna and Paris. Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten not only understand architecture in the classical sense, but are also active in the field of project development and the proactive handling of topics relevant to architecture.

Club Hybrid, Kai Vöckler / HfG Offenbach, Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten: Mobiles Graz, Foto: Kai Vöckler
Kai Vöckler / HfG Offenbach, Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten: Mobiles Graz, Ausstellung. Foto: Kai Vöckler

Mobile Graz – Eco-friendly and connected
Exhibition opening and round table

Saturday, 26th of June 2021, 10:30–12:30

The metropolitan region of Graz with its 637,000 inhabitants has been one of the proportionally fastest growing regions in Austria for years. In respect of this “neuen Gründerzeit”, the expansion of public mobility takes on a central role when it comes to making Graz and its surrounding area ready for the next 100 years of urban and regional development.

How should mobility in the region of Graz develop in the future? The Club Residencies of the Week, Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten and Kai Vöckler invite you to the opening of the exhibition and to a round table with representatives from politics and experts from the field of mobility research.

Guests of the Round Table: Aglaee Degros (TU Graz/Institut. for Urban Planning), Martin Fellendorf (TU Graz/ Inst. for Highway Engineering and Transport Planning), Manfred Eber (Local Councillor Graz /KPÖ), Judith Schwentner (Umwelt-Stadträtin, Graz/Die Grünen), Georg Topf (Local Councillor Graz/ÖVP) und Kai Vöckler (HfG Offenbach/Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics).
Moderation: Fabian Wallmüller (Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten, Graz, Vienna).

Club Hybrid, Kai Vöckler / HfG Offenbach, Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten: Mobiles Graz - Umweltfreundlich und vernetzt, Foto: Club Hybrid
Talking Heads Mobiles Graz – Umweltfreundlich und vernetzt. Fabian Wallmüller, Kai Vöckler / HfG Offenbach, Aglaee Degros, Judith Schwentner, Martin Fellendorf, Manfred Eber, Georg Topf.