The Question-Machine

12.07.2021 – 18.07.2021   ⬤ Residency MEINS / DEINS

The wohnlabor. is building a Question-Machine at Club Hybrid. The machine is switched on at the beginning of the week and then starts producing questions – stimulating, challenging and uncomfortable ones. It looks at the personal living environment, whilst also looking at the larger scale. It looks back, into the here and now and into the future. It collects opinions, ideas, answers and even more questions. Above all, it encourages a discussion around our habitats and living spaces.

Die Fragemaschine © wohnlabor
Die Fragemaschine © wohnlabor

The Graz-based collective wohnlabor. critically examines current challenges and potentials in the field of housing. The five architects deal with various aspects of housing, as well as with the accompanying social, urban and ecological effects, and have set themselves the goal of stimulating discourse on housing realities and alternatives.