Review: Public inspection on 25 June 2020

Even if it didn’t rain or rained only a little before, at 18:00 the wind quartet of the Graz Linien played and raindrops fell from the sky. The following 90 minutes were a more or less humid happy event with some distance under several umbrellas or sunshades, which were provided by the helpful neighbours. So almost everything fit. Johannes Leitich successfully drew Beatrice Bucher’s distance concept and the outline of the Club Hybrid on the meadow the day before. Ten harvesting ladders were positioned so that the area was easily manageable. The Club Hybrid logo was positioned centrally. An ambitious setting, including setting a “Club Hybrid 2020” foundation stone.

Heidi Pretterhofer and Michael Rieper welcomed the guests, friends and participants to the public inspection in the rain and talked about the ambitious goals and programmatic priorities of the club. City councillor Günter Riegler, standing on a harvest ladder, spontaneously reported on the potentials of the various projects within the Kulturstadt Graz 2020. Wolfgang Malik, CEO of Graz Holding, also took part in the joint inspection. When the rain became less, Milan Mijalkovic climbed up a harvest ladder and recited “Kultur war Propaganda“. 

To ensure that the event is not forgotten, Ralo Mayer flew over the outline of the Club Hybrid and the network of routes before, during and after the rain. Another public inspection without rain will be made in summer, including harvesters and friends.

Many thanks to all supporters, contributors and visitors who defied the precipitation.