Schaumstunden – Club Night #12 review

© Franz Konrad / Schaumbad, Freies Atelierhaus Graz
Franz Konrad, Ghost exhibition

With Schaumbad, a highly active production space has been located in Puchstraße for years. The Freie Atelierhaus Graz began as a self-managed off-space and is now a professionalised art institution and workspace for around 50 artists and creative businesses. Schaumbad has long since expanded its exhibition space, reaching out into the foggy zone and becoming an artistic-social actor in its so called “Triesterviertel”.

In Club Night #12, Eva Ursprung and Franz Konrad gave insights into the diverse activities and external as well as internal challenges of this hybrid pool of activity. Its transformation is far from complete: the Schaumbad has just been reorganised with an own artistic director, and winwinoffice is about to redesign the area architecturally and in terms of urban development. The winning project of the “Europan 15” competition will be the subject of a separate Club Night.