Bild: Anna Jurkiewicz

Beeing, Beecoming is a research-based interdisciplinary project aiming at exploring interspecies relations, with a focus on pollinating insects. It is a process of designing, building, inhabiting and decomposing, stretching from spring to autumn. Created by insect-oriented algorithmic design, 3D printing with clay, as well as growing and composing natural materials, an insect habitat will be installed at Club Hybrid. Suitable for nesting of different species of wild bees and other insects, the sculpture itself is a living structure. It undergoes changes under the influence of insects, fungi, animals, humidity, rainfall, sunlight etc, gradually eroding and decomposing.

Throughout the whole period of presence of this insect habitat, visitors are invited to observe the process and to participate by performing minimalistic scores available at the site. The scores offer exercises in embodied cognition by proposing individual performances that attempt to shift attention, perception and imagination away from our anthropocentric day-to-day patterns. Club Hybrid will host a couple of events presenting the project, inluding music and performance (dates coming soon).

Project team: Reza Kellner, Asya Ilgun, Anna Jurkiewicz, Hana Vasatko, Goha Gozdzik

Partner: Artificial Life Laboratory, Institute of Biology, University of Graz

The design and fabrication method was developed during the I.N.S.E.C.T. Summercamp 2022

Foto: Reza Kellner