Making ° Sensing ° Making Sense vol. 2

11.09.2023 | 18:00   ⬤ Sensory Walk and Exhibition
Foto: Asya Ilgun

Beeing, Beecoming presents:

⚫️ 18:00– sensory walk vol. 2

⚫️ 19:00 – vegetarian frittata with wild plants, plant drinks, vegan snacks


– micro-exhibition with Club Hybrid herbary

– audio and video installations 

– maps and sensory poetry created by Map Poets during the previous sensory walk

– vibrant stinging populations of nettles and mosquitoes

⚫️ 20:00 – the evening continues, the bar is open

In May we’ve built a multispecies habitat at Club Hybrid, mostly thinking of insects which we highly depend on, using a special process that combines clay 3D printing and mycelium growth. We designed and built this artefact with an inspiration from and admiration for the tiling capacity of human skin cells. Around it, we left a space for interspecies jungle, sensory entanglement and kin-making. 

This event is intended as a celebration of urban nature’s resilience, biodiversity and decay. Since part of the clay modules were left unburnt, they were expected to quickly morph back into soil. And so it happened – with the abundant rains of 2023 spring and summer, now those unburnt modules are almost gone. And there’s more – within days after installing the sculpture at Club Hybrid, it turned out that ants, snails and many other species feasted on the mycelium infill and devoured it almost completely. We are glad they liked it!

We will celebrate the decay and the circulation of matter adequately with plant drinks, vegetarian frittata made with local wild plants and some vegan snacks and sweets.

Speaking of Club Hybrid’s inhabitants‘ food preferences, there is a strong fraction of stinging organisms with a taste for human skin. We cohabit with a vibrant population of tiger mosquitoes who have a wild apetite and will love your blood as much as the snails like our mycelium. There are also nettles with great outreach – they can reach both ankles and necks. If you decide to come close to the clay artefact, the nettles may try caressing your cheeks. This is why long sleeves and pants as well as mosquito-tick repellents are strongly recommended.

As we are first of all bodies, we are inviting you to a sensory walk with Anna Jurkiewicz for an embodied exploration of the site and its ecosystem. The Beeing, Beecoming team will also present the biodiversity observed during the project and our entaglements with the area, especially our tragic love story with the Meadow. There will be a micro-exhibition, audio and video installations and maps created by Map Poets during the previous sensory walk.

During the sensory walk, the participants will be invited to switch perception between different factors that shape an environment and its habitable potential for different organisms. To engage the feeling surfaces and membranes of the body in a process of subjective, sensory mapping of a place. The intention is to encourage participants to become more sensitive to different qualities of the environment, and thus more attuned to different needs and obstacles.

Project team: Reza Kellner, Asya Ilgun, Anna Jurkiewicz, Hana Vasatko, Goha Gozdzik

Partner: Artificial Life Laboratory, Institute of Biology, University of Graz

Beeing Beecoming is funded by: 
Stadt Graz 
Land Steiermark A9, Kultur, Europa, Sport


Sensory Walk Vol. 2, Foto Reza Kellner
Foto Reza Kellner