Making ° Sensing ° Making Sense vol. 2 

Foto: Asya Ilgun

Wir laden euch herzlich am Montag 11. September | 18:00 in den Club Hybrid ein.

In May we’ve built a multispecies habitat at Club Hybrid, mostly thinking of insects which we highly depend on, using a special process that combines clay 3D printing and mycelium growth. We designed and built this artefact with an inspiration from and admiration for the tiling capacity of human skin cells. Around it, we left a space for interspecies jungle, sensory entanglement and kin-making. 
Beeing, Beecoming presents:

 🐝 18:00– sensory walk vol. 2

 🐝 19:00 – vegetarian frittata with wild plants, plant drinks, vegan snacks


– micro-exhibition with Club Hybrid herbary

– audio and video installations 

– maps and sensory poetry created by Map Poets during the previous sensory walk

– vibrant stinging populations of nettles and mosquitoes

 🐝 20:00 – the evening continues, the bar is open

Wir freuen uns auf euch. ☀️